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Using a family-centered and holistic approach, Kim is trained to provide highly individualized, skilled intervention for children experiencing difficulty in any of the following areas:
Receptive Language, Expressive Language, Articulation, Phonology, Motor Speech (Apraxia and Dysarthria),
Social Communication/Pragmatics, Stuttering/Fluency, and more!


Complimentary phone consultations are designed to determine if your child would be a candidate for a comprehensive speech and language evaluation.



Formal and informal evaluations are offered depending on individual family/child’s needs.  All formal evaluations include parent/caregiver interview, clinical observations, and standardized assessments.

Following the evaluation, we will discuss assessment results in detail and you will receive a diagnostic written report.  Evaluation results determine the need, type, frequency, and duration of therapy rendered.

A personalized therapy plan including treatment goals is created based on the results from informal and formal assessment measures while also considering your child’s developmental, medical, cultural and linguistic background.

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Therapy services are conveniently provided in the comfort of your home or within community-based settings, such as preschools, daycares, outings/parks.

Therapy is highly individualized following a play-based, family-centered approach.  Therapy incorporates your child’s interests and utilizes your child’s strengths and learning style to best address his/her areas of need.

Teletherapy options are available for residents throughout the state of New Jersey and California.

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